For the past twelve years I’ve been testing a Brand New Ultimate Stress Buster material that has enabled me to Kiss Goodbye To Stress Forever and that’s guaranteed, when you consider that I was…

  • Working full time in the National Health Service (NHS)
  • Life Coaching for various individuals
  • Conducting School assemblies in primary and secondary schools in my town of Skelmersdale, Lancashire UK
  • Running a community Kids club 2 days a week
  • Looking after a family of 3 Children
  • Working as a Minister in a local church
  • Managing a Football team of stressful teenagers
  • Constantly busy with midweek engagements
  • Plus lots of other activities all running at the same time!

The Stress eBook material you are about to access gave me the tools, tips and nuggets to eradicate stress from my life completely, even with the multiple activities I had to manage in the week.

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The reason I’ve decided to make this unbelievable FREE OFFER came about quite by chance due to a completely unconnected event that took place as I received an email from an associate a few weeks ago.

I was reflecting on all the devastation that was around me in my community. I was trying to make sense of it all and began thinking to myself, ‘how can I help and make a difference to these children and young people, the ones that are hard to reach’. The ones no one is ready to assist with their situation, even though we all talk and moan about the anti-social behaviour that we see.

These are kids who have to live in danger hot spots in a deprived part of Skelmersdale, Lancashire. This is a community classed under the lowest 5% on the National Statistics of Multiple deprivation sufferers, in the whole of the United Kingdom considering housing, unemployment, education, income and health.

Due to lack of funding, this ONLY REMAINING KIDS CLUB was threatened with closure this year so you can only imagine my despair. I hope you will share with me the fact that something needs to be done and done quickly. This is where YOU come in!

Kids and young people hanging about on street corners when all they are asking for is somewhere to go and something to do… but we can join together to make this a possibility for these young lives who are our future.


The amazing e-Book, Workbook and Audio MP3 package
This eBook package includes a motivating audio version in MP3 format that you can download and listen to while you’re on the go. And a workbook that you can use to get the best out of the free e-Book. For this whole package, the children of this deprived community are asking you to support them to the tune of just £7 (one -off)  which is just about £2.25 a month.


How to Kiss Stress Goodbye Forever will enable anyone to eliminate stress and gain control and freedom without having to pay for expensive counseling and coaching. And without having to take medication to help control your anxiety and frustration. You’ll get over eighty pages of hands on techniques and tools to help you to evaluate your life in a balanced way (body, soul, and spirit).


But the most important component in the package is the complete workbook, which walks you through applying this priceless information step-by-step.  So you can tackle stress and get rid of it for good.

It gives you a step-by-step formula for CREATING YOUR OWN WORLD. It’s different and quite superior to anything else relating to stress that you’ve ever seen. This e-Book has taken a holistic view by looking at body, soul and spirit. However, the big problem is most books on the subject are filled with the medical side of things or just the emotional side. This makes your recovery incomplete and without enough actual real tools for dealing with the whole you (spirit, soul and body).

You practically have to be a rocket-scientist or brain surgeon to figure out what some of the so called experts are saying. This easy to use e-Book is different and you will soon find out.




Every penny you donate is going to Hope Kids Club in Skelmersdale, Lancashire England (UK).  Hope Kids Club rely ENTIRELY on voluntary donations in order to do school assemblies and operate midweek Kids Club and bearing in mind that their founder has not been paid a penny since 1992, it’s a miracle the club is still running.


Is it right to simply ignore the pain and anguish of little children and others whilst we just go about our daily lives?  Surely we can help, at least in some small way, can’t we?  This is why I’ve come to the decision to donate my Stress e-Book package to the Charity in the hope that you will become a HOPE ANGEL and make a small donation too to Hope Kids Club. With your help we can put in place something which will last way beyond just the next decade!

EVERY SOLITARY PENNY of your donation will go to Hope Kids Club Registered in England and Wales No 1125559

NO ‘admin expenses’ |  NO ‘card fees’ | 100% of your donation will be handed straight to Hope Kids Club so they can use your donation to continue their work.